The MME Awards!

I am glad to announce the MME Awards! What are the MME Awards exactly? It’s basically MME’s award show! For those of you who have no idea what MME is (I hope you know what MME is), this is what MME stands for.




Anyways, the voting begins in mid November. I don’t want to give away too much information, so head on over to MME to find out!

Voting is on NOW! Click here to vote!


Sorry for being inactive

Sorry, my computer needed to be fixed. Anyways, we reached 100 views! 😀



Level 26

Hi! I got to level 26! Here’s my trophy case!Trophies 2 - 26


Here’s some reasons why it’s great to be level 26!

1. It has a cool trophy in my opinion!

2. Another puzzle piece!

3. One step closer to level 30!

4. FAIRY CAKE!!!!!!!



Code for 222 rox


Code for Scummy Bears


Cloud Kingdom is Out

Hi! Cloud Kingdom is out, here’s a picture of the map and the beanstalk bounce game for that partbeanstalk bounce 4


Dr. Strangeglove has been grabbed by a giant hand, so it’s your chance to go to the top!



Code for Glump Cake – Cucumber


School is coming

School’s coming, but that doesn’t mean the fun has to end. I’ll still be posting on here so look out for my posts!


New poll

Hi! The 2.0 version is coming in 2014, and I need help deciding the theme! WordPress accounts should know what they look like, people without accounts should pick the best sounding one. I know it’s very long.

Rules for voting

  • Don’t vote more than twice, I like variety, to see what everybody likes.
  • Make sure you mean it before you vote for the second time!

Pretty surprising to only have 2 rules, eh?


Hello monsters! I got Misty! This is her below.