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Hi! The 2.0 version is coming in 2014, and I need help deciding the theme! WordPress accounts should know what they look like, people without accounts should pick the best sounding one. I know it’s very long.

Rules for voting

  • Don’t vote more than twice, I like variety, to see what everybody likes.
  • Make sure you mean it before you vote for the second time!

Pretty surprising to only have 2 rules, eh?

Welcome to Poppies3241 moshi help!

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Official Monster!

Official Monster!

Secret Easter Egg in Katsuma Unleashed!

So, I found an easter egg in Katsuma Unleashed. It’s something written in Super Moshi glyphs, translating to “KATMAN.” It’s not a code sadly.

How to find:

  1. Get all abilities
  2. Go to Cloud Castle: Castle Commotion
  3. Go to the very end of the level
  4. Fly up (till you find a warp surrondered by eyeball blocks)
  5. Break the blocks and enter the warp
  6. Past the first two warp stages
  7. Take the warp on the left next to you
  8. It’s there!

Hope you liked the easter egg!

~ poppies3241

New Codes

URGH – 155 rox

YUMMY – Traditional Turkoy

BAFTAYAY – Fairy Cake

Like these new codes?


Winter is coming!

Ello! As you know, winter is in less than a month! (Summer for you South Hemisphere ppl) Meanwhile, where I live, it started snowing about 10 minutes ago, pretty cool, right! That means Twistmas is around the corner, so better think what’s on your Twistmas list! A popular choice would be Katsuma Unleashed though!


Code for Gloop Soup

NEW CODE ALERT! This week’s code is GOOP, giving you Gloop Soup! Darker likes it indeed, but it’s not his favorite food! It expires December 6th, so hurry!


Freezy Riders spotted on “What’s New”

Guess what I spotted!Image


Freezy Riders! Now I think this blog is one of the first to post this, I’ll go check if MME has this. Also, this is playable! This was first released earlier in 2013, even though it says “Moshi Classic.”


Code for sign + rox!

New code! CROSSING is your code! Also, PMH is getting views ALMOST EVERY DAY! How cool is that? Plus, Twenty Eleven is winning on the poll so far. Also, new code for rox. It gives you 100 rox, the code is SUPERFAN.


It’s Time to Vote for The MME Awards! – Featuring TheMoshiMonsterKitty!

Time to vote!

Moshi Monsters Expressway



Official Links for MME Awards Updates, News, Videos:
YouTube: @Moshi2009Fire15 @TheMMExpressway @MoshiLukey140701
Twitter: @TheMMExpressway @2009Fire15 @Lukey140701 @Rosscothefirst

MME Awards Preview + Info

MME Awards – It’s Time to Vote – FT TheMoshiMonsterKity

We will be making many videos too! So stay tuned to this playlist:

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Don’t Forget To VOTE:

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Guessing Game

Can you guess? Hint: Look at the circled box.

Can you guess?
Hint: Look at the circled box.



If you guessed that I turned level 27, your correct!

That is all today!


Brand new code!

Hi! Brand new code! The code is WOBBLYBROC. The code expires November 29th, so hurry!

Brand New Code for a Spider Lolly

Brand new code people! The code is 8LEGLOLLY, which gives you a Spider Lolly!

Spider Lolly Stats:

Health: 20

Happiness: 8

Not a lot of happiness, but a good treat!